New Building System at ServoCity, goBILDA

Dave Schulpius


Hi Everyone. I hope this is not considered taboo to post this. It is not Spam. I do not work for these guys. It's just a resource I think will fellow builders:

For those of you that are looking for materials to help you in your projects or that are fans of ServoCity's Actobotics line I have some exciting news.

ServoCity just announced a new building system line. It's called goBILDA and is a high quality metric based system. I know it sounds crazy but it seems to be an even higher quality and more robust then Actobotics.

What I find really awesome is that the hole pattern in their parts is an 8mm grid of 4mm holes. Every part possesses this same grid pattern for 100% compatibility. Unlike the Actobotics duel orbital pattern that repeats every 1/4 inch. I've used Actobotics a lot in the past and the frustrating thing I found with that system is it's hard to mate up different parts. I always ended up drilling a hole here or there to make the parts meet up. With goBILDA it sounds like this is not an issue with their grid based pattern.

The down side I can see is that some builders may not like the metric system over the imperial system. Personal choice there. The other down side is that it looks like the Actobotics and goBilda system are not very interchangable. If you are upgrading an existing project you may have to stick with Actobotics. However that is not a bad thing al all. Actobotics is a superior system in my opinion.

Anyway, here is a video ServoCity did on this new system. Judge for yourself. Happy building!

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I looked into it today. Its as nice as the Actobotics, whish i use. I do believe , from what I have read in the past, they have some adapaters to  help line up some of the two types together. I believe the "beam" series they have does this.  Hopefully someone will try and verify this someday.


Thanks Robohappy for this! Just the fact that they provide adaptors is proof they this is a ligeit and classy company.

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As you guys know for my 2021 recap of projects -,  I use a lot of servo City parts, great company.

Actually, my avatar pic you see is ServoCity parts

I heard about the goBilda system a while back, I agree, the other down side is the Actobotics and goBilda system are not interchangeable.

My problem is what is next to build?

this is a expensive hobby to invest in.

What are you guys building?

I know Dave is busy with his Lost in Space robot  B-9s,


Hey @EzAng, Why not build a bot to concur the world? You'd make a great supreme being with your army of robots.

To save money you could repurpose your old builds. However then you wouldn't have that army you'd need to keep us all under your thumb and dominate the world. Muwahahahaha! (sorry that's the best Dr Evil impression I can do)

As far as being interchangeable Robohappy said there may be adaptors.