My Soon To Be First Bot



This is what will be my first bot i got it for 2$ the other day from a thrift store i think it will be a good little one i powered the motors and it seemed to have a bit of "climb" in it lol and the power was from 3 half dead aaa's:D

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That's a real good find! It isn't easy to find R/C tank toys - the tractor treads are my favorite to work with


its the first ive seen in years glad i got it:P i LOVE tracks ............ and wings lol :P


Awesome deal.... What are your plans?



Im thinking a buldozer with a bedini energizer for power if i can make one small enuff to fit on the base kinda hoping that the EZ-B will be ok that close to the energizer but i think it will need some mager shealding to protect it from the high magnetic fealds and the exstreamly high electrostaticks that the energizer will produse


I had to look up what a Bedini is. That looks kind of crazy.


lol just a little hehehehe :P


Yeah way out of my realm. Can't wait to see how that actually works out. Will ne interesting.


its realy not vary hard once you grasp the simple concept its fairly ez realy i would not know how if it was not for youtube theres alot of good info about it there and the bedini circuit does not have much to it at all

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this last pc is kinda how i will have mine setup but with 4 coils i think

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Ok so what is the purpose of this thing?


power supply free energy or at least cheaper lol:D


Wolfie, I absolutely love those treads - I've spent $118.00 to get mine from China - still waiting. It is my firm belief from over a month of experiments with wheels of all shapes, sizes and configurations that tank treads are the way to go for land robots (inside and out) - unless of course it has legs to walk around like us. The free energy gadget has me scratching my head - interested to see how that works out. Great work - Cheers mate !!