My Own Wall-e


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I knew ez-robot finding DJ's video on his DIY Wall-e:)

I'm a big fan of radio-controlled scale model (airplane, glider, boat, car, drone). I also saw the video on the AR.Drone.

So I decided there was more than a year of ordered Roli, to learn ez platform.
I received it two weeks ago, I learned with as planned; o)

My goal is to make a flying drone, but to learn before with ground drone.
But secretly, I also wanted to do my proprewall-e.
But could not find a wall-e in France (at a reasonable price at least).

And today I won an auction on ebay uk for a 10" wall-e *eek*

User-inserted image

I will definitely have a lot of questions soon:D

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Awesome! We look forward to seeing your projects @TheRat and let us know when you have questions, the folks on the forums here are quite helpful!
I'm waiting to have it now.
I have a lot of idea, try to put servos into arm to move the gripper,
keep his blue eyes and put the camera nearby,
put a servo to modify the angle of the eyes, etc...

I have some probleme with my Roli for now, I will open an other post soon;)
@ the Rat , the 10 inch walle is very small. You can completely gut it to make room for servos. The only way I can think of manipulating the "claws" on walle are to use a combination of clear fishing wire, ran through guide tube and elastic stretch wire to keep tension on the claws to stay open until a servo in the body pulls on the filament fishing wire. If you have experience with RC you may have seen these techniques in ultralight foam planes where metal pushrods and clevis are too heavy.

Yes I thought about this trick also;)

But if the gripper are just here for a more expressive wall-e, smaller servos, I think 5g sub micro servo could perhaps fit the arm size;)
I have some sub micro here and they are still too big. You can however try using "muscle wire" which isn't super fast light servo movement but you can make it fit anywhere!
Maybe they could match:

User-inserted image
Now that is a small servo!
They are only about 4 cm long by 1 cm x about .5 ch.
I wonder how fast or strong they are?
I received my wall-e, it is beautiful;)

User-inserted image

Indeed, it will not be easy to put servos in the arms
United Kingdom
There are a few great project showcase posts which detail the conversion of a Wall-E. Getting servos in isn't impossible:)

The arms aren't heavy and if you don't plan to have them pick anything up then micro servos will work and fit easier.

Looking forward to following your build progress!:)

thanks. I think I have allready read all posts :D

I'm not worry about servos for arms and head,
but for the gripper
United Kingdom
Put the servo in the wall-e body and use wire to pull the gripper closed with a spring return, or stiff wire to open/close them?

You will not be able to hide a motor out of sight in the hand, that's for sure.