Mr. Metal is back for those who missed him


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Here is Mr. Metal again for those who missed him.

Might need to turn up volume

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Thanks guys for the emails and comments:

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Thanks Dave and RoboHappy for your comments

Be well 

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Thanks nallycat and JustinRatliff.

Thanks for the emails:
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be well my robot friends,

Good morn all,

Hard to believe it is Friday again - 9/18/2020 - should be back Sunday, 9/20/2020

All be well, have a nice week end.

Welcome to another thread of mine,

9/22/2020 "fall" today starts -

I am looking at Mr. Metal over there, may have to work on him a little.

Also printing is on my mind, Perry has the same 3d printer as I, hope he comes back with a few pointers for me  :-)

have a great day,

Good morning again on Sunday, 9/27/2020

How are you all?

Hope to be back Tuesday from the my farm life for a few days.

Be well,

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Thanks Dave,

what are you up to today?

Should be on my way back to city life soon :-)

9/29/2020 Tuesday

Just made it back, only two things in my way, be tired and old -  lol

Welcome back home EzAng.:)   and I know the feeling...tired and old , lol I feel it more lately. My Work on HEMI has slowed down some, in part to ongoing care for my mom needing my attention more. But will get back to it soon.
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Good morning,

RoboHappy, yes family comes first.

Looks to me everyone here has slowed down some, as I say, life gets in the way of living.  :-)

I guess we will see what happens today, the last day of the month of September, the 30th, 2020 in our robot world.

I guess no action today, maybe tomorrow Oct.1, 2020

be well,

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Mr. Metal - Oct. 1,2020


Be well all

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thanks Nomad

So far, another slow day :-(