3d printing again 7/18/2021 - Detecting a sound file by a color - Mr. Metal - simple eye - navigation - many other topics on this thread like voice commands


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Here is Mr. Metal again for those who missed him.

Might need to turn up volume

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Thanks guys for the emails and comments:

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I've used LaserPing.  I think they work well.
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I have been at the farm for a while, should be back in the city, 

Plan to get Mr. Metal InMoov operating again with a AIML conversation
 Mr. Metal looking good these days :-) 
Was on Servocity recently, looks like many of the Actobotics metal plates are now discontinued. Some of the Actobotic kits as well. Think theya re slowly moving more to the GoBuilda series now its looking like. Im thinking about buying more of the Actobotic channel before thats gone next.
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many of the Actobotics metal plates are now discontinued
Oh My! That sucks.:(

However it looks like both brands offer much of the exact same products with the same specs. Must be a profit and loss thing. Follow the money to find the answers.
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Servo City has changed many products and others are discontinued.

Like the servo Gearboxes, "now" they only come with "their servos". (they all over 100.00)

In the past, I purchased the GearBoxes without their servos (less expensive) I used servos I had hanging around.
I feel that was a bad decision. (as of 2022)

GoBuilda has nice products also.

Today, I hope to get a video on Mr. Metal in action

You know, what most these robots can do is just move forward and back, mouth moves while talking, eyes light up, head moves left and right, grippers grab things, arms move in two directions, camera on head sees - all with ARC software

after the, it just sit somewhere in my home :-(

I guess on what I am saying is the planning, building and programming is what I enjoy  :-)
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Here is a short video for now, more videos later with auto position

I plan to have a conversation with Mr. Metal - AIML - Bot

re-worked the AIML code
Very nice ! good to see Mr Metal on the go again:)

mr metal starts to look very human .
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A short Conversation with Mr. Metal 4/29/2022

Well, back to the farm, will be checking using my hot spot

All be well...........
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Above video:

2 EZB4, 2 IoTinys, in different location

extension wires,

New Grippers, can grip anything

Arms with two ways that move

ServoCity Wheels base for moving him around

Bing Speech
AIML  Bot -  wrote some of my own answers

mouth moves with speech

2 RGB panels for eyes

DFRobot Hexa Base Rotate Kit - for movement of head left and right

Camera above with servo 

many ServoCity parts

the end, lol
Anyone see or notice my short Conversation with Mr. Metal above?
hi ezand

yep 3 times .it sound great .
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You have done great work on this one. I love the AI feature. When I was younger I never thought I'd live to see stuff like this. 

How are you using the camera on his head? If for tracking movement how is that working for you? 

I haven't tried camera tracking for many years. Actually early 2013. There has been a bunch of improvement in the the way ARC and EZ Robot has implemented this. I hope to try this soon again in my rebuild of my B9 LIS robot. Back "in the day" it was kinda quirky but that was back in the V3 ez robot and v1 camera days. DJ and his team has made vast improvements in the way ARC uses the camera. You needed a lot of light but placing the camera on a static part of the robot that didn't move helped. Also I used to get false positive tracking with reflections. Here's a video I made of that attempt. Disclaimer: I had the camera mounted inside of a bubble with flashing lights inside along with it. It kept being distracted by the internal lights. This was a no go for me back then. 
hey ezang

those claws are they assembled when you bouth them?

great . i can get them here in holland too . prize is good ,big claws 10 cm long .
thanks for the info .
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Nomad, happy I could help

Hi Dave,

I made it back to my home in the city, back to internet :-)

I watched your video this morning, I can't make out what you were tracking in 2013

Tracking has improved here in 2022

Camera Input - here are a few controls

Ez-Robot site
Face Detection with RoboScratch
Face Detection with Blockly
Face Detection with EZ-Script
color Tracking with Servos
color Tracking with Movement
Detecting Multiple Colors
Line Following with Roli, AdventureBot and Shell-E
Vision - Object Training & Recognition

I like the Train Vision Object By Script control to detect different objects

Train Vision Object By Script - Camera - Robot Skills - Support - Synthiam



I can't make out what you were tracking
I was tracking my movement. At that time I wanted to have the robot recognize movement and track it then move a motor attached to a joint like a neck to move along with the moving object. So the effect would be like having a head follow whoever was walking past the robot.
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Ok, I understand now what you were saying. Almost 9 1/2 years past since that video

I suspect tracking has improved immensely in 2022 form 2013...

9 1/2 years ago I had nothing to do with robotics or electronics. Wish I knew you all here when I was younger.