Mini-zip V3 Upgrade.


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I had the following hexapod. It had a dead controller.

User-inserted image

After v3 upgrade. Also found a bad mini servo to and replaced.

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learning actions and frames while, I wait for six to ship.


update: robot chassis is 12 servo hexapod by dagu rs024, poor man's hexapod.

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.... and when you get your six and JD, you'll see what I am talking about.....
@Richard R

I am not saying the v4 can not handle the number of servos...

I am saying can not give 3amps of Vcc Continuous Current Draw per each vcc.

Dude, no offence intended but it looks like electronics may not be your thing.... For one thing, you are using the term Vcc in the wrong context... You mean per pin... Your mini servos won't pull 3amps unless they are locked and even then... JD and six have 12 heavy duty servos that pull way more power than your mini six and yet the ezb has no trouble with either of those bots ....

Remember the V4 has no on board regulator and a 20amp fuse for the 24 ports... In contrast the ezb3 has a 5amp fuse and a 5v , 5amp onboard regulator ( I believe)... That means the EZB4 can handle 4 times the power over the EZB3 before the fuse will blow... EZB3 = 5A vs EZB4 = 20A..... It's not rocket science to understand the V4 outperforms the v3 in every way, especially in the power department...

You do realize the whole point of theses power changes in the new V4 was to better support greater servo requirements....

Maybe you need to tell DJ that his new masterpiece isn't as powerful as the V3, then?
... further the "3amp of Vcc" you are referring to is the 3.3v switching power supply for the analog ports... The digital port's power pins as I mentioned are straight through so they don't have a power restriction (no onboard regulator)... The only power restriction would be how much the boards tracers can handle....
@Richard R,

i tried it... it did not work. it works fine with v3. The mini-zip was purchased because six was not shipping. Also, it got me into 3d printing.

dagu recommend their spider controller, which died...

Richard enough said on this subject.

Well dude, what can I say?... You gotta' be doing something wrong because unless the V4 is defective it's not the V4.... My much larger Hex works just fine with the v4 and everyone one else using the V4 don't seem to have the issues you're having... You will see once you get your Six and JD....
By the way, did it ever occur to you that the issues you are experiencing with the V4 aren't power related at all? Have you changed your code from the V3 version to V4 version in ARC?... There will need to be subtle changes to your project code to go from the EZB3 to the EZB4.... For one thing servo positions for the V4 are 0 to 180 whereas on the V3 are 0 to 100.... I also mentioned those mini servos work on a max of 6 volts so if you are running the EZB4 with 7.4v then your mini servos won't tolerated that much voltage... They will not work properly.... Remember whatever you plug in to the EZB4 board gets the same voltage as your battery.... Something to remember when you plug 5v sensors (like pings) directly into the ezb4 board....



Will make new mini-zip for v4 and give it a try.

What amps Anthony? Do you in fact have the data sheet on how much power they can handle? I don't have the answer either... But they obviously can handle the heavy duty servos in the store here (which are included in JD and Six).... I can personally confirm that they can handle a hitec HS-805MG giant sized servo fully locked (accidently locked, wasn't done on purpose)....which is surely drawing more power off of one pin than all the servos on the OPs mini zip combined....
Hey guys,

Figured I'd step in and mention that @Richard R is correct. The power that is distributed from the battery goes through a short circuit protection fuse, then a large Polyfuse and a reverse polarity protection diode and after that it goes directly through the board to the servos. This is what we label as Vin power.

Vcc power is regulated 3.3VDC from the on board power supply and does not go to the servo (digital) headers.

The v4 is rated to handle 5 Amps continuously going through the traces on the board with spikes up to 20 Amps. The traces are actually quite thick and are rated to handle more than that amount of current. If they weren't rated for that current they would instantly burn up. Remember as @Richard R mentioned we are using 12 heavy duty servos with Six.

If anyone wants to send me their wiring diagram or a picture of their setup I can help you figure out the issues you may be having (just use the Contact Us page). Or just post detailed information to the forums and everyone can help.
Maybe it that little Barrel plug adapter that is used at the base of the V4. I don't think it's rated to handle 20 peak amps. It may just do the 5 that's the V4's pass through voltage circuit is rated to handle.

thanks for the info.

I found the problem it is in Auto Position control. Working on setting up new Auto Position control and started new project.

@jdebay... Wasn't trying to make you feel dumb or wrong... If I did, I apologise... Possibly I am a bit too passionate about the v4 and sometimes I let it get my panties in a bunch.... Anyway, glad you worked it out...

@Jeremie... I appreciate you helping me out here....
@Richard R @Jeremie

I love the V4 too, AND LOVE EZ-ROBOT, but THE V4 is resetting... which makes mini-zip act funny. LOL

I made new project only Auto Position control only one frame and only one action. RESET

I removed barrel plug, RESET

I removed power SHELL part, RESET

Not sure what to do next?

Hi @jdebay

I understand you are using many servos on your mini-zip, what are you using as the battery supply?
Could it be a router problem? I had to buy a new router because my old one was causing constant disconnects (resets)....
jdbay uses eneloops rechargebles.

they are 1.2 volts,maybe its posseble when you count them all together,
you get a little to low.
eneloops are special batt whit very low drain.

no voltage regulator, no reset

ez-b v4 info controls input voltage 7.05 volts no reset

over max voltage for servos, interesting.

@Richard R

router is fine. no reset when testing food-botv4 or mini-zip with v3.

i count 6 eneloops is 7.2 volts.
i love the little yellow hex bot with the ping sensor for its eyes, it reminds me of the roboquad. i would love to know how to build. its like having a ezb v4 version roboquad:D