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I will be posting pictures of my build as soon as I get the robots head built.
So far he has a Robosapien V2 upper body and my home made robot arms with 7 servos in each arm. I am writing a story called Micro Explorers. It is a story about very small robot explorers who come to Earth. They can combine to become larger robots. They can rebuild them selves at the microscopic level. As they learn more about us they become more human in acting and appearance.
I did an edit and added his most current picture.

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Auto Position is not smooth while reading the gyro. That would make balancing while walking difficult.
I hope I can get this to work for Dave!
Dave had a bad fall and busted some of his servos.
I have been replacing his old servos with metal gear servos anyway, so Dave will be stronger.
I also bought a C3PO that is a little taller than Dave and I will be making him into a full robot with his own EZ-Robot board.
I am also fixing my 3d printer.
I need it to print my robot parts to get these robots moving.

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Where did you find a C3P0 that size?! That's awesome!

poor dave...
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I found him on ebay.
They have a R2D2 the same scale.
The R2 can turn his dome, make sounds and light up but not drive and the C3PO has no lights, sounds or motors.
THey make some Star Wars characters this scale and finally they made R2 and C3PO.
Search for C3PO 31 inch on ebay.
The R2D2 I am getting has no lights, motors or sounds.
He was just 25 USD used.

Dave will be better after I get his neck fixed.
I need to 3d print him a new one.
He needs a lighter head. lol
Right now Dave falls too hard to make walk, so I got on ebay and found a used JD robot to play with.
Sadly the last owner burned up 5 of his servos.
So I spent some time replacing those servos with some I had on hand.
I don't yet have the mini HD servos to replace the burnt one in his neck or the one in his gripper.
After replacing what I could I got JD walking and dancing.
He is a cool little guy.
I have ordered a bunch of servos and EZ-Bits from EZ Robot.
When I get everything I have ordered I will have 5 EZ robot controllers including a EZ mini robot controller.
I have plans for a number of new robots including C3PO, R2D2, a rover type robot, modding and programming JD, a robotic bear and or a dragon.
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That raptor dinosaur/dragon is an interesting fellow.
Does it have any movable features?
I like how you pose your robots outside.
Looking forward to your build of C3PO.
Thanks for sharing,
Steve S
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JD already has some friends!
The Bioloid robot shown here cost me about $1000 USD and does not walk near as well as JD.
Also it has very limited sensors and will never see or hear as well as JD.
The Dino is a robot that makes faces, roars moves his head, eyes, mouth and tail very well and will walk again if I can fix him.
If he was working he could follow you around.
He makes cool sounds and even laughs.
He is called DRex

Ebay link
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Just got Dave and the other robots a new ride!
This Landspeeder can carry 130 lb or 58.9 kg at 5 mph.
It is not rc so I have some work to do!
freaky cool space car.

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Having fun outside playing with robots!

This Omnibot has 2 motorized arms, not hooked to EZ Robot board yet.
Thanks Dave!
My Dave robot will be making new videos as soon as I give him more movement.
He will have a 2 axis waist and some leg movement.
I want him to be able to sit in the landspeeder and someday walk, but one step at a time! lol
wow they drive well on grass.
Your robots look right at home in their new space rider, great photos.
Your Omnibot does maneuver quite well in the grass.
Steve S
He has his original drive system and wheels.
You should see a RAD robot drive in grass.
Almost unstoppable!
My 1/6 scale tank is great in the grass also.
It will become a rover type robot with a GPS, sonar and EZ Robot!
I will be adding an arm to it as well.
Now THAT is a picnic I wish I was at! :)