Dr.who's Nsd Dalek


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Figured might as well post something about my project. The fabrication is actually still undergo but mostly is done. Drive system works fine:) Im rushing for an event this weekend so just gonna cover the basics.

p/s: does anyone having problem with audio ? for some reason , my EZB doesnt have audio today. it was fine yesterday.

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Welcome! And man that's exciting:) I'll be keeping my eye on this project!

Does your EZ-B have a bootup chime? Or has it gone completely silent?

If it's completely silent, sometimes the screws can loosen during shipping vibration. The speaker is pressure fit, and has little springs which make the connection. If the underside case screws of the ez-b are a little loose, the springs might not be making connection. Won't hurt to either tighten them, or take the screws hour and inspect the speaker assembly:)
Thanks .

not even bootup chime. completely silent. I have made the breakout for audio amp. it was working completely fine yesterday. One thing did happen tho. I use a 10a fuse for the main power and it blew when i first test the motor at full load. after that i didnt do anything untill today. when i power it up , no sound. not even when i use back the stock speaker under the controller
Sounds like a short might have popped the audio amp - good news is the bottom half of the ez-b v4 pcb is a cost effective replacement vs getting a whole new one! Contact Us and we'll get you setup:D
any other way or quick fix ? i dont want to have my dalek first appearance without "EXTERMINATING' people .
Use a wireless speaker? I think your only option is the bottom board replacement.
The build log

*cant wait to get the replacement board and run at full functionXD
This is one of the coolest robots ever. Nice work reproducing it. It looks perfect.
This is so awesome! Also really dig how you water mark your photos - adds a professional touch!

Something that occurred to me just now while watching your video. Every robot making video always starts with the beginning, and slowly builds to the end. People like you and me are okay to watch the build - but average people who we also want to impress, like my mom for example, will skip to the end to see what all the fuss is about.

so, i'm going to try making a video in reverse! I'll show the robot completed, and work backwards as if it's being disassembled. I've been meaning to finish the ATAT Walker video - maybe i'll do that.

Sorry to get off topic!:D

So, on that note, when do we get to see a video of this dalek living? As scary as that sounds.. given that this will be the most realistic (functional and physical) dalek built yet. *eak*
@Dave : Thanks

@DJ : ah right. i remember that for my other build. As soon i get the replacement board and make some minor changes / upgrades, i will make a video.

only video i have now is this

24v motor connected to cheap ebay 2 channel h-bridge.
Great! Thank you for sharing
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got the replacement bottom board. we have audio now. added 9v dc regulator and sound-to-light circuit. still waiting for adjustable audio amp and heavy duty servos to arrive.
Waiting SUCKS! Nice progress with what you have done already though. Classic!