Cyberdude's Wall-e Project


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OK, well, after months of distractions with things like; work, kids, wife, etc...

Here is Wall-E (based on a U-Command) in progress.

Currently using all standard servos, but I can tell I'm gonna need some smaller servo units shortly. eBay, here I come!!!

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In order to make the drive servos fit within the confines of the drive wells, I removed the bottom of the servo casing. This way, I only had to cut the "tops" of the wells, and not the sides. Tight fit, but rotates freely.

I built a new tray for the head rotation servo out of Styrene (Otherwise known as "Evergreen" brand). However, this is where I think I'm going to run into trouble with the arm servos. I just eyed the alignment, and I think there is overlap of the units.

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Hey cyberdude how's your walle coming along? I would love to do one of these little guys one day. Have your ezb yet?
Hey! He's coming along. I decided I wanted to embed the servos as deeply into the original form as possible, so that means I have to use some smaller servos here and there.

As for my EZB, well, yes and no;) I got the kit and played with it for a couple of weeks, then popped the IC chip. Not sure how. I really thought I plugged the servo in correctly (it was the only thing plugged in) but pop it went, so Alan has a couple of chips on order for me. So no functioning board at the moment, but I'm also waiting for some parts. So I guess I java bit of Force majore for a bit :).
OK, H E L P !

How do I get the eyes separated from one-another? so many screws. so many screws...

I have the back covers off the eyes, I have most of the screws out of the neck, but not sure about the last step(s) to get them apart.

Help please.
cyberdude, looks like it is going fine. Bravo!:D