Nomad 6R

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hi averyone.i build a new ez are some pics and video's.he needs some tinkering and more moves to in the future.
if anyone is interested to use the droid as it is now.i can post this public.things still needs to do is,1 tracking red ball-step left&right,
turn right&left needs some adjustments.

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painetim sorry englich is not my main language.dont understand what you mean?
roboHappy thanks .i was very happy whit the movement of the arm.
Hi @Nomad your first video doesn't load for some reason. You can now edit your robot project posts if you would like to update it:)
amin ok i check it.thank you
amin the link chould work now.
Yes it looks perfect now!
i modified  the droid robot a little more jd's a new respons from jd called the flinch respons.
also knowed from the robosapien V2 robot.