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Wireless Hub

Hello to all. I ordered the iogear wireless hub and found out it does not support cameras. I returned it. There is one that works with XP only, Belkin High Speed Wireless USB Hub F5U301. I don't know what works with the other operating systems.

Regards from the Bookmaker.


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Thanks for the info, I was looking at getting one to try out would have been annoyed with my self if hadnt relalised that until i tried using it! Well that certainly helped with my desicion, will pick up cheap wifi camera someone posted on here recently instead for now :)


I suspected as much...The best way to go is to just hunt down a wireless camera. Thanks for the info!


One of many reasons wireless USB never really got off the ground... Thanks for taking one for the team on this one Bookmaker!



there are some benefits the the hub.

usb sound card, wireless joystick and microphone: making my wall-e even more independent by not needing the p.c. as much.

my only question is, how would i connect the wireless hub to the ez-board?

No video or instructions on how to do this.

Help anyone?


I replied to one of your other posts to this question