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Whats The Passcode For Connecting A Wii Remote?

User-inserted image So basically when i tried to follow the tutorial for connecting wii remotes, well I cant choose that this wii remote does not use a pairing code and it asks for one anyways. I've tried all the default codes yet none of them work. I need help on this. so whats the paring code?  edit: Tried to leave it blank, wont budge. And im just confused

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Check This

When prompted to add a pairing code leave it BLANK and click Next.

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Wii robot skill manual:

you can view the manual of any robot skill by pressing the ? (Question mark) on the robot skill.


Hey @Offiously, I'm not sure if you figured it out but there's only one way to connect to the Wii Remotes in windows. You have to follow the "How to use the Wii Remote skill" tutorial (@Dj linked to it) and connect using the control panel, not the bluetooth section. I know it's counter-intuitive but it's the only way.


I found it out from a friend on discord