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What Servo Sizes Are Supported?

Hey DJ. I just have a quick question. I know that regular standard servos are compatible with the EZB, but is there a chance that micro servos would work as well? I tried doing a simple servo code, but the microservo I used did not work and the EZB forced itself into shutdown, but it still works fine once I reboot. And I have tried this with other microservos, so it is not a bad electronic component. So, are microservos compatible with the EZB?


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I feel your microservo is damaged and it is shorting the EZ-B. All standard hobby servos (including micro or any size) use the same form of communication. It's one directional (from ez-b to servo), so there is no reason for it to disconnect unless it is a power consumption issue.

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I solved it: I just needed to position the servo to its beginning state, and then it worked beautifully. And I'm sorry for the lack for patience, I do agree that it was a faulty title to begin with. Thanks.
what are the dimensions of the servos in this kit