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Hello, When I take a servo and test the speed control by it's self it works just fine however when I put it into a script with other servos it seems to just skip over the speed comands. Can I get a sample of how the command should be used in a script to move multipul servos slowly one at a time.


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first you set the speed, then you set the servo position. you only need to set the speed once. it will remember that speed until a new speed is set. the speed is per servo.

so for example

# Move the servo to position 10
servo(d2, 10)

# Set the servo speed to slow
servoSpeed(d2, 40)

# Move the servo slowly to position 60
servo(d2, 60)


# Set the servo speed to fastest
servoSpeed(d2, 0)

# move hte servo back to position 10 quickly
servo(d2, 10)


Thanks a bunch. That explains alot. I thought I read somewhere that the speed control was 0 to 50. It seems to be missing from the manual (getting really thick, I really love that). What is the min and max and is the fastest always 0?


Yeah, i think that's going to change for firmware 14... I have something i've been working on.

I've also determined the servo accuracy was kind of glitchy in v13. So there's a v14 next week lol :)


Hello, I can't adjust the speed of servo. I just tested the example code, but the speed is always the same. Have you got a idea ? I use Futaba S3003 servo. Thanks


is servo speed only availablefor digital servos? or can analog play too?

wofty your avatar is creaping me out man....looking right at me bro.


Good question. I don't know what creaping means, but I changed my avatar.:P What servos can be used to manage the speed ? Thanks


lol, good burn.....and im not sure....i just figured digital servos hae that ability....

anyone? anyone?


Servospeed does not work yet. DJ had it running for a few days but then dicovered some problems and inabled it. He said recently that it may be fixed soon along with 140 positions. Patients my bot makers!!!


Ok, thank you for these precisions Bookmaker. @hoolagen1 It's iCub. I know, it's a strange little robot.


Pretty cool . I watched some more videos on that same robot. I wonder how much computing power they are using to make it learn and make its own decisions?:) J.W.


@ww321q sad thing about most of the videos you see (including the Hummer transformer robot) is that they're all pre-scripted and not autonomous. Even that robot learning the ball is a specific program written to do that specific task for the camera. Sure, it's neat - but when you think of what we're doing - the authors of those videos should be impressed. Because the EZ-Robot community actually have fully autonomous walking moving talking listening seeing robots! Robots that aren't scripted and aren't specific for one camera scene.

What we have is something movies are made of. The EZ-Community is changing the world:) One robot at a time!