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#1   — Edited
1) Do LewanSoul bus servos allow an ID of 0?

2) You have JD humanoid selected as the product. Are you adding a Lewansoul bus servo to an EZ-Robot JD Humanoid? Or did you mean to select a different product for this question? Such as EZ-Robot EZ-B v4 or Arduino Uno, etc...
#2   — Edited
According to the LX-16A Bus servo User Manual... There is no ID #0. What are you attempting to use ID #0 for?


2.ID number set
Each servo can set the ID number for the identification of the servo. The servo ID
defaults to 1
and can be modified by yourself. The controller communicates with the
servo in a single bus mode and the communication baud rate is 115200. The user can
assign an ID number to each servo, and the command from the controller contains the
ID information. Only the servos that match the ID number can receive this instruction
and follow the instructions to execute the action

i am trying to make a jd with lewansoul servo's.

thank you