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Just A Question

If you read this you will think "ehh gush forgetting something."

Al lot of times I just connect a bunch of servo's and sensors and just start adding and changing things.
Wrote script change it and so on.

And than you hear a scream from upstars "DINNER" or "We have to Go".....

And than you shutdown your computer.

damm forget to save.....

DJ Sures:)

Could you make an option so on exit there will be a message "save on quit"

it happend a lot to me and jup i could start over but....



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Haha yes, i've just added it to my TO-DO list:)

Good idea!
haha you made my day! I thought i was the only one who does that :P
DJ can you fix it like the microsoft word or excel "auto saves" every ??? minutes. in excel i think you can choose the time period, but even a default would be cool, if it doesnt use too much memory. maybe this autosave is not needed. i have only saved once since i got it so.