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Hello Patrick,  To view 3D print files you need a special program. Go online and find a program called Tinkercad. It's free. Load it and go check out tutorials on how to use it. It let's you look at, edit and build parts. Also find a program called Cura. It is the program a 3D printer uses to print a part. It will let you see what a printer will print. With these two programs all you need next is a printer to make stuff. Be Well Ron

By the way, the programs are free.

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They show the hand in also,  it is a work in progress and only one hand at this time. you will have to wait.  can't see how to add servo's as it is small.


hi nallycat

indeed i saw it on thingversie too.

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No need for a second hand.  Just  mirror it in your slicer.  I don't think it would be functional, parts are too small.


hi 3dGuy

idd and no foam,so it cant grip anything.thanks for the respons.


What do you think if you took all  the 3D files available to print a JD  and enlarged the files. say to make a JD robot three feet tall. the EZ-Robot servos are strong, how big could you make a JD without resorting to having to add gears.  the body can be easy to enlarge the arms could just add extensions between the servos and the same with the legs.  I would make a new head though  I like eyes and a mouth.  and hands with fingers, hip servos and a MPU for balance, but all the programs for JD that are available could still be used.  more of a Robot less of a Toy.  does anyone think this could be done, a JD humanoid Synthiam Robot.


robot hand

thats some 90 cm tall.thats huge.these hands are good size for the mini meccanoid size. i think it can be done sinds there is a NAO robot,also a big one.but not affortable.

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i use these too.on my mini meccanoid.


I don't know if you could do this but take a look at the Imoov hand and fingers. Maybe, with a lot of effort, you could scale it down and make a mini hand.? I have a hand I printed from Poppy but it is only for show. No joints. Once you get a printer maybe you could come up with something.


jd hand

i just got mail from the printerman,he's now doing the left hand for the jd robot.


Good news. You will be able to print them.


You are going to need to learn how to use Cura. Go online, download it and see how it works. It converts stl files to gcode. gcode is the information the printer uses to print the part. Watch the videos.


User-inserted image

it looks alot more diff then tinkercad.i bin watching video now.


i wait for the video comes out in a few days.i made room to install the printer. good i can use wifi connection.tomorow first part arrive .1 rol dark blue ABS. it seems this printer is sold many times and stil selling.

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Get pla also. Easy to use and come out nice. Maybe white.


ABS is not the best for starting out 3D printing,  why is this, you have to use Hotter temperatures, and if the printer is not enclosed , the parts could warp and seperate off the print bed.  start with using PLA as it does not have any of these issues,  but as easy to print with as PLA but as strong as ABS is my choice that I used for my two inmoov robots and nally cat and little nally cat is PET-G no smell and is even food safe.


white for sure.i found pla and abs on ebay.1 kilo for 13 euro per roll. ok ABS in a closed printer.lot of stuff to learn.


Nomad wrote : hi 3dGuy    idd and no foam,so it cant grip anything.thanks for the respons.

Your reply  above confused me but I think you thought I was talking about slicing foam.

I meant your slicer, the program  that converts STL files to gcode files for 3d printing. The slicer has a function that mirrors a part or stl file.  This produces a mirrored part.  A left hand in your case.   So this means if you start with a "right hand" and mirrored it you would have a "left hand".


hi 3dguy thanks for the explanation.i asumed that slicing had some to do with the printer.silly me.


first my apollegies for not paying atention what members are saying and helping .

thanks all