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Is There A Way To Use Arc On The Nvidia Jetson Nano?

I was wondering if it is possible at all to run Arch on the Nvidia Jetson nano because I don't have things like a RaspberryPi board or a Arduino?

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The NVIDIA Jetson Nano is a powerful and compact development board designed for AI and robotics applications. While it is not directly compatible with Synthiam ARC, which is designed to run on Windows-based systems or Raspberry Pi with Windows 11, there are still ways you can integrate the Jetson Nano with Synthiam ARC.

Here are a few options to consider:

  1. Use the Jetson Nano as a Companion Computer: You can use the Jetson Nano to handle AI tasks, image processing, or other computationally intensive tasks and communicate the results to a Windows-based system running Synthiam ARC. This communication can be done over a network using TCP/IP, MQTT, or other protocols supported by ARC.

  2. Remote Control: If you have a Windows-based PC or a Raspberry Pi running Windows 11 with ARC, you can use the Jetson Nano to remotely control your robot through network communication. The Jetson Nano can send commands to the ARC software, which then controls the robot.

  3. EZB Server: While the Jetson Nano cannot run Synthiam ARC directly, you can use it as an EZB server if you can install the EZB Server software compatible with the Jetson Nano's Linux environment. This would allow ARC to connect to the Jetson Nano as if it were an EZB controller.

  4. Custom Integration: If you have programming skills, you can write custom software on the Jetson Nano that interacts with ARC through its API or by creating custom robot skills. This would require a good understanding of both the Jetson Nano's capabilities and the ARC platform.

  5. Virtual Machine or Emulation: Although not ideal due to potential performance limitations, you could attempt to run a virtual machine with a Windows environment on the Jetson Nano and then install ARC within that virtual machine. This approach would be quite complex and is not guaranteed to work smoothly due to the hardware and software differences.

  6. Alternative Software: If you are looking to run robot control software directly on the Jetson Nano without involving a separate Windows system, you may need to look into alternative software solutions that are compatible with the Linux OS running on the Jetson Nano.

In summary, while you cannot run Synthiam ARC directly on the NVIDIA Jetson Nano, you can still use the Jetson Nano in conjunction with ARC by using it as a companion computer or through network communication with a system that does run ARC.

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How would I begin developing a robot with Arch? I have it installed on my main computer, yet how do I develop the robot using the Nvidia Jetson Nano? Would I install the EBZ server onto it? @Athena


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The answer you seek is in our fantastic getting started guide here:

Keep in mind that Synthiam is currently working on the next generation of ARC, which is called ARCx. Scheduled for the spring in community beta, ARCx runs natively on Linux, Windows, and MacOS. You may wish to become an ARC Pro user to prepare for the upcoming new ARCx for cross-platform robot programming.