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I2c Mcp23017 HELP!

Any info on using MCP23017 i2c chip? I try to run a simple loop counter with prestart setup (i2c chip  i2cwrite(0,0x40,0x3)
i2cwrite(0,0x4E,0x3) ),output ( i2cwrite(0,0x40,$motor1)      i2cwrite(0,0x4E,$motor2) ) with a loop and variable scrip and it just disconnects!

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Q1) Can you provide a wiring ? 

Q2) are you using EZB v4, if yes why you need a 16 bit Port Expander?

Q3) What are you connecting to the port expander ?

Q4) if no wiring, provide more details regarding the setup is a shield or a breadboard ? Are you using i2c pullups ?
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And use i2cwritebinary command