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Get Alexa To Access Jaw Movements

After you ask Alexa a question, how to get the answer come out in a robot jaw movement?

Like  Will's Alan or Antonn?

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#2   — Edited
yep its the talk servo.

User-inserted image

 then ad script and use sayezb(" hello EzAng ") jaw will move.
setting MIN is 1
setting MAX start at 50 
the lower the number the less open the mouth go's.the higher the max number the more open the mouth.
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It's not a big deal, I just want to learn it.

I use the ARC's talk. servo already - for my jaw movements, works great.

I want to ask my Alexa a question and have her answer come out of the robot I made.

some thing like this : https://youtu.be/xwCsENHCenU
This is good to know, I was thinking about buying a new Terminator head skull that has the free moving Jaw just so I can add this control.
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robo rad

This is what I used, the talk servo for all my Roman video

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