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Firmware Iotiny

My IoTiny has corrupted the Firmware and now it no longer works with just a blinking blue Led and does not recognize on the Wifi network. What can I do to recover the firmware?

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Whoops! It must must have been too early on a Monday morning because @DJ's solution completely slipped my mind.xD
Hi DJ, I assure you I didnt' try to fix the IoTiny with a firmware update. My IoTiny was just fine before the update.

I have one EZB v4 & two IoTiny and try to make a firmware update for all of them. It goes well for the EZB and the first IoTiny, but for the second one, the update stops at the middle of the process, with an error message. After that, the blinking led...

I think I have an usb to uart adapter somewhere, so I will test your solution as soon as I find it.

By the way, as I use the lattepanda as a computer, can I connect it directly to the tx and rx of the camera port, instead of using the usb adapter?

Thanks for the help.
So I successfully boot the iotiny into the boot loader console and access it through a terminal.
User-inserted image

I entered the help and guessed that I have to use the FWUPDATE command, but i am stuck. I don't now how to send the firmware...
I think it goes beyond my knowledge now, but I would be happy to learn.:)
I think we'll need DJ's help on this one.

I think putty should have a "Send File" ability somewhere. You should be able to grab the firmware file from the IoTiny Github page to send it to the IoTiny but I don't have a great idea on how to prep the file so that it's read properly. I tried doing this with Tera Term but ended up getting lots of "unknown command" errors.

User-inserted image
If the EZ-B or IoTiny is locking up during firmware update using the standard (and suggested method), it must not have adequate wifi connectivity or power. Disconnect devices connected to the units and upload again. If the device boots and connects to EZ-Builder or the firmware updater, the device is operational. If the firmware updater locks up during upload, I would also recommend checking your PC for a virus or some trojan or firewall utility that is disconnecting the network connectivity.

*WARNING: Do not use the firmware from the github to program using bootloader interface. The github firmware includes the bootloader and that won't work

1) Select FMUPDATE

2) Use YMODEM to transmit firmware file (Firmware IoTiny.zip orĀ Firmware EZB v4.zip)
Thanks DJ, it worked !
I had to use ExtraPutty (because Putty cannot use YMODEM to send file) and everything went smoothly.

I have now a new, fresh, IoTiny. And because it was inside my Wall.E, he is now alive again:D

I have also learn a lot about firmware, terminals, protocols... it is what I like with this community !

And, by the way DJ, if you can take a look to the discussion on the lattepanda page (https://synthiam.com/GettingStarted/Build-Robots/LattePanda-18256), I have some question concerning the connection of the IoTiny directly to the lattepanda. It is why I came to try updating the IoTiny firmware in the first place...;)