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Can you think of what was done to create the error? Can you reproduce the error?
Can you post your project "lotiny-separt.EZB" for me to review?
i just use the iotiny.make some posses.thats all.
3x hdd and 2x MG995,rgb.averything works great.
just this massage appear when closing.
here's is what i use.

User-inserted image
Post your project "lotiny-separt.EZB" for me to review?
i forgot how to do that . i clicked on  to clipboard but then i forgot how.
that's okay - i figured it out. I was able to reproduce the error and it'll be fixed in the next release:)
great to hear i was not asuming again wrong.haha lol

thank you dj
it works no error.
thank you dj