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great find, i ordered up 10 of them! thanks!
Mine just arrived! I haven't tested them yet. I'll let you know. For the price, you can't go wrong.

Hopefully they can be easily modified for 360 degree rotation!
Might be a great idea to post a forum that lists different vendors to purchase stuff? Of course, only stuff we can't get from you :).
Just got my servos in! 10 for 40 bucks with shipping ... GREAT deal for sure..

Slow shipping, but for that kind of price who cares!

I'm stoked, I have everthing i need to hack up wall-e now:)
If anyone sees great deals, keep posting them on the forum:) I can create a section for them when there are enough posts.
Hi Everybody
I have found a pretty good range of servos at Alibaba.com. The products are good quality and they have a huge range. If you browse through the list you can find some pretty cheap prices but some require you to buy lots of 10 or 20. Hope this helps.
If the servos are easily modified I will probably buy 10 or so in case I stuff one up. If they actually work it will be a brilliant deal, 10 servos from him cheaper than 5 from HVW Tech! But I wouldn't be surprised if they don't work. The seller is notorious for selling cheap and disfunctional items but he has heaps of good feedback aswell. I even found a positive feedback for the servos.
This is the best deal i've EVER found
Just bought like 10 of them, i already had some and they may be small but they sure are pretty strong!
I bought a bunch of these servos off eBay after I saw this post. FYI 2 out of 3 not working out of the box. I managed to get one of these two to finally work, so I have 2 working now. One of the nylon gears must have shifted but seems to work fine now.

Im not complaining. For $0.99 plus shipping I'm won't bother to send it back. I just got them as spares but keep this in mind if your looking for main parts in your build. You may get what you pay for! *eek* *eek*

**Refering to the original servos mentioned in the thread. I also have 3 of the micro servos above and no problems at all.
I just ordered my EZ-b today & I'm looking for servos to be used in the WALL-E U-Command.

How do the Futaba S3003 (from DJs first post above) compare to the GWS Standard servo GWS S03N?

First post! yeah! :)
Hey Mereyes,

The Futaba S3003 are horrible:( ... They draw too much current and brown out the board too. I ordered a pile of them and I'm not happy with them at all
i was going to buy some of these but the seller said some punk bought a billion of them and now he is out of stock...
i was going to buy some of these but the seller said some punk bought a billion of them and now he is out of stock...
Hey DJ,

It would be nice if you could put a list of recommended/compatible servos on the EZ-Robot website so we don't brown out the boards.