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@Dj Do We Need Another Forum Moderator?

I just thought as EZ Robot grows so is the forum (community). I thought it might be a appropriate to have one of us (don't worry I am not talking about me LOL) members as a moderator when you're not around... Like a union rep for the forum for lack of a better term... Obviously it's not an absolute necessity as we're generally a peaceful bunch... and I don't even know if it is possible on your end... But someone else to keep watch, to edit/delete posts might help as the forum continues to grow...

The obvious candidate in my mind would be Rich Pike.... So I nominate him...

@Rich not sure you even want the job... but I nominate you anyway dude...

Just a lazy long weekend though... and hey, I have had worse ideas:)



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yes Rich!

then Richard R

Then after he get's settled in fl


my two cents... lol;):) eyeroll:D

United Kingdom

I've always been against forum moderators, even on forums I've run in the past I left them largely unmoderated for maby reasons but mainly forum mods tend to misuse their powers.

Personally speaking, if anything is required I would say adding a "flag for moderation" type button would work best.

I wouldn't say no to anything I'm just saying I don't think it's required.


I would agree with Rich.

Back when I ran a minecraft server there were constant requests to be a mod being made, an when I researched these users, they always had an interesting background...

Going with the users help idea,... In turn, maybe there should be a report tool for threads and posts.


Not even sure we need anyone right now... as I said we're still a peaceful bunch... We do get the odd spammer here and there, however... I was thinking down the road as it is becoming apparent the forum is growing...

Thanks for the input guts....