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Contact Us Via Live Chat?


Hey guys. I was just browsing through the store checking the price of something, when I came across this curious little fella that popped up on my screen...

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Looks like you guys are setting up for a live chat option. Just curious what the idea behind it is. Is it solely for product queries, or an addition to the "Contact Us" email system for general non technical enquires?


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Sales inquiries - which is why it's on the product page. We've always had an ASK US on that page, but now changed to live chat. It's blue when active during the day.

You will never get better technical answers anywhere but the forum. The community forum members know more about the software than ez-robot staff. Minus myself, of course. However, if you expect new feature development... it's best to let the community help the community as planned so i can continue developing:)

The ez-credit system rewards active community members with credit to spend on ez-robot product in the store. Can't ask for a better community reward than that either:D The motivation to help other community members repays in additional hardware.

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You don't need to tell me my friend, the forum truly is a vast wealth of knowledge, and I love helping out here, as well as learning loads of new stuff too.:D

I do remember seeing the "Ask Us" link, and figured the new "message" bubble was for sales (being on the sales page and all:P). I thought it best to ask and get an answer though in case others who see it and may be curious, could know what it was and what to use it for (and what not to use it for).

I also noticed the new FAQ section too. That's a great idea, and should help with the regular questions that keep coming around.


hehe - oh i know you're a huge part of it, which is why it's important for me to convey it:). Sometimes it may seem like i'm repeating myself to you experienced users - i do that for new users who stumble across the post.

As for the FAQ, it was James' idea - who is handling customer support. He's also the creator of the E.D.I. Mech Warrior and was interviewed here for it: http://3dprint.com/66793/edi-rubberband-shooting-robot/

He's been adding to the FAQ for the most commonly asked questions. Good news is our customer support is so low due to the vast amount of knowledge within the community and shared on the LEARN and User Tutorial section.

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That's cool. I totally get why things are repeated and make sent to do so every now and then.

Anyway, I bet you pleased to have James back on the team.:)


Heck yeah, he's a wicked dude and gets stuff done - which is what ezrobot needs:) doers! This year is going to be a real rock show, so watch out. ezrobot has also hired a new SCM (supply chain managed), who we should probably introduce to the community soon. He's a master at inventory control and process. It's really helping resolve the growing pains ezrobot had experienced over the last year with previous staff who were unfortunately thrown into responsibilities they weren't trained for - and fortunately the community was patient:)

Now with a real widespread consumer reach and shipping over 10,000 units to 106 countries, ezrobot requires experienced staff. James and the other new hires that you will see popping up on the office cam over the next months are part of the plan.

Also, I've been working on something but it's not ready for public beta yet - although I accidentally leaked it in a podcast interview last week.

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Wow, it sounds like there are some really exciting times ahead. Very exciting. Funny, you said in a post a couple of weeks back when talking to a member about Microsoft and EZ-Robot, where you said in regards to Microsoft "EZ-Robot is not well known". I'll remember you said that in 10 years time when EZ-Robot becomes bigger that MS, lol. EDIT: Maybe even in 5 years.;)

Well, I'm off to find that podcast, lol.

Thanks DJ.


Hmmm, this sounds interesting... let me know when you find the podcast. I'll look too, of course if DJ wants to ease our search, maybe he can give us a hint....;)

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My guess... check facebook, a podcast link was posted (however I do not know the content as I haven't had time to listen yet).

For those without facebook or too lazy to look... hit this.

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There's also a podcast at the top of the Videos section of this website. Don't know if it's the one that DJ was refering to, but interesting and worth listening to none the less.


Thank you for posting these. Very exciting and I love hearing DJ's vision of robotics in the future. I really need to get up there to sit and visit with him.


@ Rich ! Since I meet both conditions (No Facebook & lazy) I'll have a look at Stitcher. Thnxs !


@DJ... Hmmm, I can picture you being the "brakeman" on a bobsled team....:) Question is, was it on a two man or 4 man team?


lol - gave a demo to the team yesterday of the new development that I have been working on. Won't be too far off from a community demo video as well.

As for the bobsleigh - i started on 2 man and moved to 4 man 2 years later. Crashing was something you avoided but not terrible as it sounds if you did. You'd be back on your feet right away. Although we had one crash that was my last. Took a year for my back injury to heal. I went back the following year and i just didn't have it anymore, so that was that.

So back to robots:D. Rich has a point about the facebook page. Although there is a news section under Explore on the website, it seems ez-robot news is mostly followed by the facebook page.


works really good tested yesterday.live chat.

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Same here. If and when time and money permits (as wel as a new passport), I'd love to pay a visit to the office and meet DJ and the guys. I know that others here have been lucky enough to make the trip and it sounded like they had a blast. I'm sure I'll make it there one day, not just to see the guys and the inner sanctum, but to actually see Canada in person as its always been in my list of places in the world I'd love to visit.

In the exponential technology podcast, it was great to hear DJ's answer to the "where do you see EZ-Robot in 5 years time?" question. The answer he gave was pretty cool to listen to, and really look forward to see what happens in the coming 5 years.

If anyone has not had a chance to listen to it, I highly recommend it as its a great interview.:)