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Alternative To The Scary Terry Sound Board To Drive A Jaw Servo

What is the alternative to the  Scary Terry "sound board" to drive a jaw servo?


1 - AudioToolBox Plugin

2 - Also open a scrip, add ControlCommand("AudioToolbox Plugin", "ImportUWPVoices")

3 - open speech settings

4- open the talk servo -  set up your servo here

User-inserted image

 many voice now, good luck

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Got my answer


This control will bind to the Text To Speech engine. When ever a text to speech EZ-Script command is executed (i.e. Say, SayEZB, SayWait, SayEZBWAit), this control will move the specified servos to simulate a mouth movement. If your robot has servos connected to simulate a mouth, this control will move those servos while speaking.
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The talk servo app works very good, just make sure your sentences are short  :-)

here is my progress:
I enjoyed your new friend. Looking forward to your future updates.
Thanks, I am trying lol