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Alternative To The Scary Terry Sound Board To Drive A Jaw Servo

What is the alternative to the  Scary Terry "sound board" to drive a jaw servo?


1 - AudioToolBox Plugin

2 - Also open a scrip, add ControlCommand("AudioToolbox Plugin", "ImportUWPVoices")

3 - open speech settings

4- open the talk servo -  set up your servo here

User-inserted image

 many voice now, good luck

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Got my answer


This control will bind to the Text To Speech engine. When ever a text to speech EZ-Script command is executed (i.e. Say, SayEZB, SayWait, SayEZBWAit), this control will move the specified servos to simulate a mouth movement. If your robot has servos connected to simulate a mouth, this control will move those servos while speaking.
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The talk servo app works very good, just make sure your sentences are short  :-)

here is my progress:
I enjoyed your new friend. Looking forward to your future updates.
Thanks, I am trying lol
to avoid spamming or hijack the other thread:

you wrote:


It's not a big deal, I just want to learn it.
You have already the answers:

If you are looking for an ARC/ARC solution you have the:

if you are looking for an hardware alternative, use google search i found this one:

If you are trying to integrated Alexa, Google Home an external hardware controller is the easiest solution.
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maybe a external hardware controller is the easiest solution. 

simply put:

As you can see from the above video, I already understand the "talk servo" in ARC, I use it, it works well with my robot. I use this with my Arduino.

This has nothing to do with: Asking my Alexa a question and having the answer come out of my robots mouth, understand?

something like this: https://youtu.be/xwCsENHCenU

I tried the Blue tooth, it was only one way, my computer's audio was playing on the Alexa unit.

I want to understand the other way around. Alexa's audio playing on my computer - ARC


I want to understand the other way around. Alexa's audio playing on my computer
Let's get the facts straight:
1) your computer does not play sounds, your computer outputs audio to one or more speakers. 


something like this: https://youtu.be/xwCsENHCenU
Did you understand the setup ? Do you understand how the scary servo works ?

User-inserted image

1) Alexa outputs the audio to the scary board (Red connection) 

2) scary board outputs the audio to the speaker behind the head (BLUE connection)

3) scary board controls the head servos (GREEN connection)

The setup does not require ARC / ARC / PC 

you can read more about amazon dot integration here:
Would that Scary setup work with my Google mini too?I will check it out.Thanks!
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I see, to do this  I need a scary Terry audio board -simple

and setup does not require ARC / ARC / PC  - (will not work)

I understand, I considered a scary Terry audio board yesterday, I just thought there was a way to use ARC / ex-builder, guess not.

I was trying to keep it in the Synthiam / Ez-robot world.

I have been using the "talk servo" with ARC / ARC - works well, audio from my pc or ez -robot to match my robot's mouth

thanks for your input.
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There is another possibility: 

you connect the DOT's output jack to your PC's microphone jack, I recommend a custom circuit to adapt the DOT's line audio out to a microphone input level, you can build one:

you will have DOT's audio available via microphone input and you can use ARC's Sound servo to control servo(s).

With the above connection in place DOT's speaker is out of the picture, once you connect a stereo jack DOT's cuts the speaker and diverts the audio.

You will need to route/mix the PC's microphone input to a speaker output, there is a good commercial software to handle the routing:
This idea is not new in the forum:
post #13


Here is another option, a Sabrent USB audio card allows Alexa input directly into ARC.
The input moves two mouth servos on my robot using Sound servo PC Speaker.
The output can be sent to an amplified speaker, because my robot is noisy.
Simple text Say("") commands also work with this setup, because all audio triggers the Sound servo PC Speaker.
The Sabrent USB audio input becomes your microphone, so I must remove it to use my default laptop microphone for VR.
The sabrent usb device is an additional mic & headphone ports, if your pc has a microphone jack you don't need the usb device. 

I recommend to build the circuit to convert DOT's line output jack to microphone level, I built one and it works.

The post does not explain how you will get DOT's output again, so i presume you can do IT with an audio splitter (hardware) or via software (commercial audio cable) but bear in mind you will need another splitter to combine the original PC audio (ARC/Windows Text To Speech) with Alexa's outputs if you want to keep a single robot speaker.

I believe the software can help but you will need to test and validate if it works.
Thanks, lol, like I said earlier, I didn't  want to make this a big deal, 

Forget Alexa, I will use AIML Bot modified with ARC / ARC  :-)

Thanks again ptp
I am actually going to hack my Google mini speaker the same way I did the audio speaker hack on the EZBv4 as these speakers have awesome loudness and bass.The Google mini has no external source to attach another amp or speaker,has no speaker connector but I am going to solder a connection inside so that any sounds coming from EZB will be amplified by the Google mini speaker.and will still be able to answer google questions with the outstanding internal microphones. The google assistant can give amazing conversations and be programmed very easy to act as your robot butler with conversations.Like EZAng said, I will give the ARC system a try first with the talk servo options.Good to know all the other info PTP put up,I research these links like a sponge,LOL!
Let me know how it goes.

I am using the talk servo now works great,

I had to play with the setting for the mouth of my robot to fine tune, sync together (words / mouth)

tonight I am using for the mouth

User-inserted image

I use the script manager 

User-inserted image
Hey that's great to see,thanks EzAng! I am just adding the power connections to my Cylon helmet for the neck servo and I bought some chrome car door molding strips from Canadian tire to cover over my rough cut around the robot eye visor opening,then I will start on the speaker connection to EZB,The talk servo will only be used to move the neck servo when he talks as he really has no Jaw to move,LOL!
sounds great, let me know how it goes