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A Line Of Code Equivalent To Servo Release?


after the servo moves, sometimes, i get a constant buzz from the servo, like the motor is still trying to lock and stay in 1 place. the servo already moved to the desire position. But to get rid of the buzz sound, i press "Release" button on the EZbuilder Seervo control box. This stops the buzzing sound from the servo.

Is there a scripting command that is equivalent to "release" servo?

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It's a good question, I'd like to know if that option exists, I have the same noise in the servos, and a script command to the robot would make more noise at the end of a sequence of movements, also reduce the consumption (less milliamps) servo.:D



c# though :)


DJ, We can't find out because you give us the option from 1 to 36 only. Try to put a 0 in and it comes back wiith "must be between 1 and 36. A release command is really needed.


Okay. Version 2011.10.24.00 has it. Enjoy