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Any Good Books?

Hello, Want to start programming in Visual Basic, but there is a lot I dont understand. Anyone know any good books for a VB beginner? My goal is to write a Ez-b program to control a robot. - Mix3rn

LCD Module

Hello, I was wondering if its possible to attach such a module. And how should I wire it up to the Ez-B ? And what about scripting? Do you have any code samples? Link to a LCD Module Im gonna buy. Thank you, - Mix3rn

Controls In A New Form?

Hi DJ! After a couple of hours programming in Visual C# I was wondering if it was possible to send commands (for example set servoposition) from another form than the main form containing the ezb-connect. Hope you understand what Im trying to do :P Have the main form display the connect to ezb, and a button to open a new form where there are...

A Spy Tracking Toy Donated From My Son!

I got my hands on a spy tracker system from my son because the main station broke down and maybe there is ton of possibilities to use this with the ezb? :D Basically this toy has four parts. 1. One main station whith includes a speaker and a light. 3. Three smaller wireless detectors (infrared?) See pdf:...


Hello, I am new to ez-b so I have a question. When I want to start up my robot and run the scripts do i require a PC. or can I push the program/code to the EZ board and it can run standalone without a PC? And what happends if the power is cutted? Do it remember the script? And what about faces/colours/conversations? Thanks , Mix3rn
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