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A.I. Mind Cloud Another Name For Terminator Skynet Lol

The debate at the end does not sound convincing enough to me,still needs a long way to go and using the cloud internet for processing is just eerie.


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Hope you realize that it's a completely scripted animation:). Just like the "it's a small world" ride at Disney world lol


Yes it did seem scripted but near the end the 2 robots were obviously not listening to each other when they were supposed to just go random debating.Reminds me of all the chatbot videos that make little sense.The thing is, do we really want robots to have independent thought? Scripting the responses is much safer I believe. Edit---Actually on second thought,it really makes no difference when you can just build a driverless Tank that waits for large movement and fires it's cannon at any thing that moves in it's camera view,no thoughts required and fully automatic response. If I am wearing a red t-shirt I can even script it to EZB & cam to see anything red and shoot the Airsoft BB machine gun at it...causing me to run away in a hail of BB's!:)


That's such a dangerous idea lol


It is illogical to desire to be a "red shirt" on an away mission! :P


Aha ha Justin! I just got that red shirt joke now after thinking about it for a while...that is too funny and so classic! I thought I was such a Trekky too,my favorite classic episode was the one with Nomad the Robot,I think the episode was titled weapon of mass destuction and then they re made it in Voyager with the stranded smart missile but the red shirt thing happened almost every ep of the original Trek LOL! "He's dead Jim".:D


Just saw this Rise video two days ago and was furious that they tried to purseade an audience that this was real AI. So scripted! But I'm sure they moved the company to Hong Kong to develop with some clueless investors and his deep pockets.

Everything I've ever seen from Hansons has been scripted. Starting way back with their Philip K hugs and bunnies android.

Did the speaker know he was speaking that day? Looks like he came in from a butterfly hunting expedition!


Lol - that's the Hanson guy. He's super weird and sometimes that makes people think someone is smart - when someone acts weird. I just think weird is weird:)

No need to be furious though - his 15 minutes of fame is short lived and only attracts interest of non essential people. They made the "Einstein toy" that is a complete failure. Things like that bankrupt or seriously harm a business - if they are indeed a business? Or what ever they are lol it's something alright!

It's easy to avoid the Hanson stuff because it's incredibly technically bleak.


I only got interested because a Facebook video clip circulating showed that same Female robot at the United Nations recently "answering Questions" to one of the U.N Ambassadors. Who knows, it probably just had an EZB in it relaying the answers from his A.I. Mind cloud Laptop hidden in the audience, LOL!:D


@DJ "I just think weird is weird" - ROTFL!
LOL! I was drinking coffee and nearly spit it out all over my keyboard! :)


It's nice that the MC, Ben Goertzel dressed up for the event. Someone really has to try to be that far away from normal. He's flying his freak flag pretty high. :P



Completely agree with everything you said about Hansons.

I'm going CES in Vegas this year with ALAN and ALENA and watched some videos on Eureka Park (the funding section) and I saw his Einstein for Alexa. Glad to see its a failure, really awful idea and poorly executed.

Robomodix is stepping into seeding rounds. We found a competing company called FurHat Robotics. They received $2.5 million in seed. Another poorly executed, cheap product. You see investors giving money to companies like that and scratch your head.