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Zeemote-Ish Controllers Out There?

I was stalking the Interweb this weekend looking for a small remote to use when I want my robot under my control... A Zeemote-ish kinda controller would be super if there was one out there:( I am trying not to have some big joystick or controller pad in my hand when taking over control of bot.. Hence the zeemote like controller or some other idea on a sneaky type control ... Ideas ?


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I believe the zeemote will work with ARC just like a bluetooth or WiFi game pad of joystick. I remember reading somewhere that someone used a zeemote with a custom movement panel. I was thinking of getting one myself but opted to using my phone as a controller instead.


I just found one of the threads that I read a while back that mentions using a zeemote. It's from post #7 onwards.:)

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If you wanted to go for something else which is discrete, @thetechguru found a miniture game controller that worked with ARC, and it's a good price.

Here's a link to his thread.

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Thx Steve:) I am still a bit baffled by the thing ... I cant see how it connects...everything online says it works with phones but i cant find out how to make them work with laptop. It would have to be bluetooth i am guessing since wifi is hogged up with lappy to Ez solid link.
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No worries. Also I forgot to mention, the little control I linked to in post #3 is also Bluetooth as well.:)