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Yeah I forgot about that tonight so had to read about it (well, I got Jarvis to read it to me).

New kinect is also 1080p so should be better at tracking. I had to say I will hold off this time, I got the Kinect on release and was very disappointed by it. Perhaps it's my lighting but it's not the best at tracking and often loses me. Not to mention I am too out of shape to use it, give me a controller any day :)

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You can watch the whole thing again on PC Advisor Rich. The gesture and vocal recognition responses were very impressive and Microsoft seems to have stolen the limelight from Sony with their bizarre PS4 anouncements which dont really tell you anything. I currently have a PS3 and could easily change to the XBox One after that demo

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For £400 they can keep it!.. Wow I wasn't expecting it to be that much. Maybe I need to watch the video to see how that's justified...


I already "plan" on picking up a connect later when the support is added. I never want to buy a complicated tech like that when it first comes out. First release mass produced electronics seem to have bugs but by the second run they have most bugs worked out. Just checking other kinect projects some bots are using illuminators.



Warning: The drivers have not been fixed by Microsoft so it is useless. XBOX ONE controllers should be plugged in directly to your PC via a USB2 cable if you are using Windows 10.

Step 1: Plug your xbox one wireless controller into you xbox one, switch it all on, go to settings then devices, then click on your controller and click update then wait three minutes for the firmware to update. I was told to keep the headset plugged in while doing this.

Step 2: On your PC in Windows 10, be connected to the internet and simply plug your XBOX ONE WIRELESS CONTROLLER using a USB2/USB3 cable into a USB2/USB3 port. USB2 cables have black plastic and USB3 cables have blue plastic. If it has white plastic, it could be a USB1 controller, and step 3 will not work.

Step 3: Plug your XBOX ONE WIRELESS CONTROLLER into your PC and turn your controller on. Windows 10 should detect a new device, then grab the relevant drivers from the internet.

Step 4: In ARC, go to Project>Add>Misc>Joystick. This is a great way to control your robot. You may have to click the Refresh button and click the little arrow to see your controller. Make sure the controller is turned on. Be advised: The buttons in ARC do not correspond neatly with the XBOX CONTROLLER, but for me it works perfectly. But not the wireless receiver due to the unfixed driver issue.

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I have other sad news. The XBOX ONE WIRELESS CONTROLLER HEADSET MICROPHONE does not work on Windows 10. There are THOUSANDS of complaints about this. This means you will need a separate microphone and controller to combine voice and controller commands to your robot. Apparently really old 360 headsets work. Does anyone here know about this?

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My 360 controller and headset work fine on Windows 10. My brother's Xbone controller and headset work fine on Windows 10 (plugged in via USB cable).