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Wrist Ideas

Hey everyone. I have been in hardware mode right now, but have been creeping the forum.. *eek*

I am building a humanoid type of bot. Its just from the wast up type of thing. with two arms and two different hands. It will have some type of head also.

Right now I am working out a BOM for the arms and I have gotten the shoulder and elbow joints figured out. I am using mostly parts from servo City..

The question I am putting to everyone is ideas for a wrist.. I am trying to put together a wrist with 2 DOF a rotation and bending ability to bend. Any ideas would be great.

Once I start building I'll start a project post. ( I don't have a name for the bot yet)

Thanks for the help everyone.


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CHECK out lynxmotion parts they have a lot of ideas

also check out my LYXMOTION JOHNNY FIVE PROJECT it has 2 DOF of rotation
I think a pan/tilt bracket would work perfect for that.
yes thats what my design uses ,plus a offset attachment