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Wowwee Rovio 3 Wheel Custom Movement Panel ?

Hello All, I have a couple of these Rovio robots I made new batteries for. I think this old robot could have new life. Unlike most robots these guys have three omni wheels. That being said I don't even know where to start to make the robot chaff side to side so I am taking that off the list. I would be satisfied for now being able to left rotate, right rotate, forward and backward. The forward and backward only use the front wheels but rotation means all the wheels need to move in the same direction. I would like to gut this Rovio out and set it up to demonstrate the UV/IR QR code reading on the floor, forward and ceiling.

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To add more details, I have l298n h bridge drivers, I will use two of them.


You’d have to set up a second script to strafe


I have one of these also. I had to use an old vista machine to even get it configured. Can't get audio to work. Any luck with that?


Yes jack I have three and got them all to work , it is not user friendly at all, anyhow I’m just going to mod the body and put ALL EZ Robot stuff inside.


Before I found EZ-Robot, I really wanted one of those, but then I read the reviews about go awful the software was. I may start scouring eBay though because I love the idea of converting one to EZ. It is still a great looking bot.


Take in mind it is a really tight fit, I had to make a spacer

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Glad to see someone got sound to work. I will follow you on this project.

It is a real shame that the company didn't provide support or continue production.

For the price at the time, and even today, there is a lot of bang for the buck in this product.

This is one of the robots at a cheap price that was true telepresence. I used it in a business that I worked at 150 miles away to do some support at.


The idea is there and the robot looks super cool, as far as OS I was only able to set it up properly on windows xp. Even with proper setup it is limited. So it is a great candidate for ez robot software and electronics


@jstarne1 I believe to move a 3 wheeled omni vehicle sideways 2 wheels turn at half power in one direction and the 3rd wheel turns at full power in the opposite direction. the idea is omni movement is achieved through a sum of forces generated by each wheel. So 2 wheels trying to rotate it Clockwise each at half power and the 3rd wheel trying to go cclockwise at full power should drive it sideways to the left.

Don't have one of these but that is how I see it working.


OH now you got me going, I have to get me some of these wheels and make a new bot so I can play with this.


Once I have the two L298N in the body I will go from there.


@RZ90208 , I have two more Rovio bots if you want one lol



I have two more Rovio bots if you want one lol

How much? I am interested if you want to sell one.



I have 40 in the new battery from batteries plus which has a warranty on it from them , how does 80 sound? I have a north star beacon too which is hard to find. My email is


Someone should make a Movement Panel that allows strafeing for these omni directional wheels


@DJ, If theTechGuru doesn't beat me to the bot, I will start a plugin as soon as I get a Rovio


@rz90208 If Josh only wants to sell 1 of them, I'll step out and let you buy it.



Hey I happen to have two of them so that works great! Please share when you EZfie them:)