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Wow Look All Those Kids

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whats happening here?ST patricks day?


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We have a FIRST robotics team visiting us today:)

Their team name is "Neon Vipers" hence all the neon green:D
It's nice to see DJ finally fitting in with the crowd at EZ-Robot now that the youngsters are there.

Wow. A burn on her first post. Nice one.


The neon vipers were awesome! Gave us a great presentation about working as a group to solve problems with expirementing. They showed us videos they had made with stop animation. There is a lot we can learn from children:)

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Kids are great. I love working with them. Their minds were shaped in a different time than mine and it is wonderful to hear and see their ideas. It motivates me every time that I spend time with my class. Great work EZ-Robot.
It would be wise to have kids summer camps at EZ-Robot... find a few staff members good with kids and willing to put in some hours to do some cool activities.

They might come up with the next best thing.
Would it be creepy for an adult to join?!
We will be hosting summer school programs and evening courses throughout the year. It's one of the many things I'm helping to organize at the moment. We're excited about it