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World Maker Faire?

Hey DJ Sures! Will you be at World Maker Faire in New York City this September?


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Hey I'm from NYC and would be interested in attending the Maker Fair. Where and when is it????
Hey Chrstnslts! All the info on the New York Maker Faire can be found Here. Your lucky you live there, I live in Toronto so travel to the states isnt cheap *tired*
I have not been contacted from Maker for the New York Faire, so I guess not:(
Awwww *tired* well maybe next time.
Come on DJ, you gots to go!!! In the past I don't think Maker Faire gets ahold of anyone, they wait for you to go to them (I may be mistaken). You should totally go now that you are a Make celeb:) I think you will get a bunch of exposure there in New York!
I'll contact my maker dudes and see what they say. They did ask me to attend the San Fran faire:) maybe I'm the exception:D

I need battery holders first!;)
Dude you should definitely be there! I'm about 3 hours away so I might check it out myself...