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Woehoe Best E-Mail Ever

just got mail from ez ,my order is chipped.:D:D:D:D:D


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@d.cochran...So he was able to bring up the ezb4 webserver on his android? I gather that's as far as he got? Was there a password or network name problem then?

I do understand why you were working with him using the android.... I am hoping it is/was Norton antivirus that was the cause of him not being able to connect to his ezb4 via his home pc....
after reboot pc and dissable norton ,nothing.

User-inserted image
.... I guess new PC time then? .... or you can buy d.cochran a plane ticket to Brussels to help you out.... ;)
so i will not be able to connect jd?
there's no money for a new pc.
this means more then 1000 dollar for totally nothing. *mad*

dj is this thru?
yea, he got to the web server with the android.

If we can get the v4 on the network, I believe the issue will be resolved for the PC. I don't think a new PC would solve the issue as well as a different access point.

Nomad, would you be willing to purchase a different access point?

This is the one I use and love them.
if nothing els works then it that the only option.
i have here another acses point new one from linksys whit cd-rom
is it possible to use two accses points?
Nomad, I want to connect to your computer and look around but I cant read your language. can you send me a couple of screen shots?

I want to see your current network configuration on your pc when it is connected to your home network. I want to verify what you are putting in as the SSID for your home network when configuring the EZ-B V4.
yes, it is possible to run many access points with different ssid's or the same ssid.

is the Linksys the one you are using now?
d.cohran i have skype patrick.dierckx19

the one am useing now is d-link cause that one was requested from telenet.

a,bautista thanks for helping.but lets us try one at the time
@A.Bautista... Nomad has tried everything... that is, to the extent of his abilities... It's best we let d.cochran handle this as he has extensive knowledge in this area....
Ok I just thought that maybe if I made a video connecting to client mode from scratch would help
I checked everything on his network and his machines. we are no further. I explained what is happening to him that his wifi access point is running at 54 mbps and explained to him how a newer access point would benefit him. We also managed to get a couple more devices connected that allowed us to video conference and remote share so that we could evaluate what is happening.

His android can connect and he was able to use his phone to connect to the robot in AP mode. unfortunately his wifi adapters on his PC were not able to do this.

He is going to pickup the same access point that I referred to Dave S. when he was having issues. He is going to pick one up tomorrow and we will continue.
ok i had very nice conversation whit d.cohran.
and saw some awesome things i ussually not see.
but sofar all looking good.

Abautista thank you for offering help.

am :D smilling again
Of course, no problem. I just want you to be having fun with you JD
i have fun now using what i have whit android.
i have a video.
@d.cochran, your amazing to spend your Saturday helping. Not many people would do this. We'er fortunate to have you as part of this community,

I have to confirm that the access point and new router I installed when I was having connection problems really solved my connection problems. d.cochran truly helped me with his suggestions.
hi dave i agree whit you,d.cohran is very friendly&helpfull.

sofar the android is reddy.

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