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With My Plugin In Test - Control Command List Is Not Complete In Blocky


I'am in testing phase of a new plugin Synbot Plugin

I Have included five commands as yu can see in the sheet tab

User-inserted image

but in the blocky list of command for ControlCommand() block , only 2 commands are selectable

User-inserted image

Thanks for your help


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Correct - ControlCommand() in Blockly will not display any commands with more than one parameter. This is because second parameters are optional or user defined, and there's no interface in Blockly to collect that information. Limit to one parameter only.


Thanks dj

It's a limit It Will be fine to improve in next releases

A next question on plugin is it possible To return a value ControlCommand of a plugin and how if possible can we do that in plugin code Thanks

Jean luc


Ok dj

I have already included options 1 and 2 in the plugin It can be made public in one or 2 weeks after more deeper intégration testing

Thanks for all


Just waiting a little bit dj it's i think a good alternative to pandora bots full open source and very more powerful I am french so i need more work To give examples in french and english

But it's on a very good way


Wow - that is great! Many people here will be happy for your work:D


@Jlucben I installed your SynBot plugin following your tutorial step by step and the control box is just a white box. I have the SynBot Studio installed and a project created. I have downloaded the sample zip file and copied it contents to the projects folder. When I open Syn Studio, I can see all the ARC pieces. Any Ideas what I might have done wrong?

Richard Z.