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Resolved Resolved by Dunning-Kruger!

Wiring A 3.5Mm Headphone Jack To The Ez-B


I decided that for my robot Dewy, I wanted to give him some more volume, as the tiny stock ez-b speaker is almost silent in the body.

To do this, I would like to wire a headphone jack to the ez-bs non-amplified port and then run a wired speaker to that port(Keeping in mind that the new speaker will be powered separately).

Looking at Dave's tutorial he doesn't really show how the headphone jack is attached to the strip board(no diagrams or explanation from what I see), and so i'm asking for your help.

I've found some info regarding 3.5mm jacks:

User-inserted image

My jack:
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Any help is appreciated!:)


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Looking down Dave's thread, I found:
"Via to right (or left) audio channel
GND to GND audio connection" Posted by Jermie

Following this, why not solder the via mentioned in that post to both audio channels?

User-inserted image
Would this be correct? And would I need large gauge wires or are small thin ones ok?

User-inserted image
Looks like you got it... Maybe refer to Dave's (B9 guy) thread... He used the "non" pre amped output... Which I believe is the one you have circled... Are you planning to use an amp with the output?
I plan on using a wired speaker with a built in amp. Looking at Daves thread, it looks like I'm good. His pictures are old.
One more question, Will I need to remove the old speaker do you think?
United Kingdom
If you are only connecting it to one speaker just use the left side or use a mono jack. You could connect both left and right together however it is a little pointless (other than having a back up if one side has a bad joint).
I would think so, otherwise it will play sounds as well... Worst case scenario you could always put it back in if you change your mind...
Thanks guys.

Richard, I thought there might be a possibility of an echo so I'll test it.

Rich, Thanks for the opinion.
technopro, do you still have the 3d printed case? Do you want a real case?
I do have the 3d printed case. All I really need is the camera shells, which I contacted Aslinn on. But if you were able to get me the molded case I would love it!

Following this, I have 2 3d print ez-bs and cameras. They look better outside the case than in though!
i'll let aislinn know that you'll also get molded case as well
Good job Tech. It turned out well... I think I am going to do the same to one of my ezb boards as well.
@Tech... No need.... Your thread is actually a good tutorial... Dave's thread is too long for me to follow LOL....

Doesn't seem like a tutorial to me... How about I make a tutorial video?
That would be great... Too bad we don't have a section here to "pin" frequently asked questions or tutorials so they are much easier to find....