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Wireless Usb

I want to connect a Kinect to JAC but I don't have an on board laptop or ITX. I was wondering if anyone knows of a wireless USB adapter that I can plug in the reciever to on the Kinect to the robot and the transmitter to the laptop. Or any other suggestion wou;ld be great.


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I would advise against doing that due to the amount of data transmitted by the Kinect. I'm sure there is a post about it by Mike (who is pretty much the authority on the Kinect) somewhere.


Just wondering, have you been able to get the Kinect to show up in EZB yet? I have tried but unable to succeed so far. The Kinect shows in the camera menu but I get a error and only black.



Really if your going to use a kinect you want to have a onboard PC. It doesn't look like there are practical wireless options and even if there are there's a delay when using a wireless adapter to extend range. Check new they regularly have a mini itx which is about 6.5 in x 6.5 in and 2 inch for 50-60 dollars with CPU. Just add ram and hard drive and you have a self contained development platform.


Thanks guys for the advise, I guess I will shelf the Kinect idea until DJ puts it in a release.



Waht about your wireless USB connection between kinect and PC, its this work. I'm seeking something similar, need connect my Notebook with Kinect, via USB Wireless. Let me know how you did with your trials. I try with IOGEAR equipments, its not work well.


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@juan , the kinect uses a a lot of bandwidth because its two cameras and a medium resolution laser rangefinder. Your choices are to have an onboard PC or netbook.