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Wireless USB!

Hello All,

Anyone had a chance to play with the Pololu wixels?

I can't confirm it but it seems like they can do true full-speed wireless USB 2.0. Can anyone else confirm this?

What does this mean for us EZ-Builders?

-Take any Webcam and mount it to your bot, no need for wireless IP cameras and the like
-Take any wired joystick and make it wireless
-Put sound cards on-board your bot to give you .WAV file output to a speaker on the bot
-Wireless USB microphone for remote voice recognition
-etc, etc, please suggest more applications if you can think of em':)

In any case if they don't end up being able to do wireless USB we can always fall back to trying this guy

User-inserted image

The wixels could replace the bluetooth module since they do wireless serial transmission but I'm not sure why you'd use them over bluetooth since they have approx the same range.


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Oh yeah I forgot to mention that the wixel product number is kinda funny: 1337

and here's a pic of it:

User-inserted image

Carlos here, I am also so interested in the wireless hub within my wall-e

Mr. DJ Sures,

I understand we cant use a usb hub for a wireless cam (your instructional video on this is more than easy to follow)

I want to be able to add the wireless usb hub so i can add, usb soundcard, speakers, joystick and voicecontrol within the wall-e

my only issue is......How to connect the usb hub to the ez board......how do i power it?

I have convinced myself to gut a wifi cam and sodder the cables to servo cables (like in your video) no problemo

But how can i add the wireless hub within my wall-e to the ez-board.

Sorry , kinda been drinking.



ps, getting 2 ez boards, one for my wall e, and my lady wants a teddy ruspin (or what ever that bear is)

thanks man.
Hey Carlos...

I connect the wireless camera's that I use to the EZ-B for power and power switching. The signal is sent over it's own method (a usb dongle). Under the tutorials I have a video on how to connect the cameras that I use to the EZ-B for power and switching.

As for a USB Hub, they take +5 so you can power it off the EZ-B. But you won't be able to use the 5 AA battery pack, as it will drain REAL fast.

If it's going in your wall-e, then I would suggest a cheap alternative method for sound... A walkie-talkie:) ... Click for ebay search

You can connect one radio to a headphone jack to plug into your PC. The other can be the receiver in the robot.:)
walkie talkie, brilliant.....thank you man.
skater why is that product number funny?
and no one here uses ip cameras i dont think, i dont think ip cameras will show up in ez-b will it? mine isnt.
When I first started my bot I thought the wireless USB was the way to go. I have bought several and have not had much luck with them. They do not support a camera and have a tendency to be flacky. I am running windows 7 now and I have one that supports XP and Vista only so if one of you would like to mess with it I would be happy to let you have it. My email is rjandmd@roadrunner.com
I guess no one wants to take me up on a free wireless USB hub. Interesting!
I will check my email when I get home.
Bookmaker --

I sent you an e-mail last week about giving it a new home! Let me know if you didn't get the message.

You were right. I found your e-mail. You are the winner!!!