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Wireless Speaker

Thought I'd put this in general discussions so every one might see it. I found a small wireless speaker on ebay. It is called the innovage. its 4-1/4 in. wide x 5 in. long x 1-1/4 in. thick. I bought one and it works very well. It's only got about a 20 foot range, but should be useful if your running your bot around the house. Weighs in at 6-7/8 ounces. Will prob only fit in bigger bots. Thought I'd share with everyone. I also found them on Amazon.
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Are you suggesting the speaker be mounted on.the bot? Why not just do wired , ezb has sound output doesn't it? Hmm
Sound output for EZ-B is only onboard generated tones. No audio output for sound playback. You need a wireless speaker or onboard audio device if you want to playback line level audio. Onboard PC, MP3 Player or sparkfun's MP3 Trigger (that ARC supports).
Unless you have a mini itx.... Lol
My plans along these lines is to use an FM transmitter from the PC line out to a small receiver on the bot.

Any pitfalls in that direction?

Yea most fm modulators work about 6 ft line of sight , get a blutooth audio reciever or WiFi, either will get you 30ft range maybe more if in direct line of sight. Don't worry multiple Bluetooth protocols can be active at once and usually up to 5 devices connected on most Bluetooth adapters you would use for your pc.
If it is line level audio on the receiver side out, you will need some battery powered amplified speakers on your bot.. Range is a key component for these to work without interference. I have some 900Mhz speakers and they work pretty well but most of these types of wireless speakers (the real cheap ones) are analog devices and often work with frequencies and technology schemes that make them prone to interference from other RF sources (something to consider). Glad to know the one posted above works pretty well. I may have to get one to try out. Good Luck with your project.

guys the mp3 trigger can be loaded with a memory card....sures has a video on how to solder the speaker to it to. this way the mp3 trigger powers its self and can power the speaker, all within the robot.

you can load a ton of wall e sounds and what not.

pretty cheap to...look in tutorials.
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As I have not got my EZ-B yet I wounder if you could use a bluetooth wirless speaker like

Bluetooth Wirless speaker

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Djandco, yes, any speaker that works with your Pc will work with ARC, so as long as you have Bluetooth, any Bluetooth speaker should work (ignore the "made for ipad", that is just marketing-- Bluetooth is a standard, if it works with iPad, it will work from a Pc).