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Wireless Camera Question

When I connected the wireless camera to EZ-B, the fuse between the heat sinks burnt out... I guess it might be due to the some wrong connections... What should be the connections for the wireless camera.. As I imported the kit, the battery from the camera was removed... How should I supply the power from EZ-B and make it work?


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United Kingdom
Red to where the battery + went. Black to where the battery - went.
Can I connect a 9v battery to the camera?
United Kingdom
Good god no. 5v from a digital port is pretty much the limit.
United Kingdom
Most certainly not it can be powered by the EZ-B board using a servo lead that you cut and solder to where the battery went
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You just beat me to the draw Rich
Can you be a li'l bit clear please.. I didnt get you...
Heyy, Got it.. I connected the camera to the digital port and it works perfectly fine...
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Hi Pravnav

Glad you got there the link I've added should also help you

Follow this thread Here
Thank you guys...
Hi winstn60, the link you posted is really useful for everyone with camera problems... I'll try that now...
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That's one of the links that should be in everyone's favourites, I search for it every time I mod a camera (I really should add it as a favourite... CTRL+D done :))
Yay I need to do a couple of those EZ cam mods soon:)