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Wireless Camera Not Working


My wireless camera was working for the past 2 days since I got the kit and now all that shows up is black. It says it is connected but no image shows on the screen. I suspected it was faulty because of weird charging behavior. The camera is fully charged and still I am getting no image. The blue light is on. Any idea?


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I've tried everything I can think of. Restarting my computer, re-plugging the USB dongle. Charging the camera. I am getting absolutely no image. The blue light on the camera is on. I have even tried to restart it. I have also tried it on a different computer with the same result. It definitely is a hardware issue. I think it is broken unless anyone has anything else I can try?
United Kingdom
What OS are you using? A long shot since you said it was working but there are issues with Vista and the camera (a Vista issue).

You could try using different software to see if that shows the cam, something like AMCap will display the image from the camera. If that shows the camera then it's not hardware related.

Also, have you followed the camera diagnostics? Another long shot but worth checking.
I am using Windows 7. I even tried with my friends computer who is using windows 8. I just tried repairing with the camera with no success too. I will try AMCAp
Yup does not work with AMCap, this is definitely a hardware problem. Man I am so sad, I just got the kit....and I also just finished making my robot... What could have happened to the hardware of a working camera to have it just stop working without touching it? Some internal component just died or something?
Static electricity has been killing exposed electronics since... Well the first integrated circuit. Does the camera turn on? Something you can do it reset and re-pair the receiver and camera. Turn the camera on and leave it on till it dies. Then charge it for a couple hours afterwards and try to do a re-pairing of the received and camera. That's all I can think of.
United Kingdom
Or disconnect the battery for a few seconds/minutes, but that means opening it, desoldering and resoldering. But if you are doing that it would make more sense to remove the battery and hook up a servo extension red & black to battery +ve and -ve (I've read that doing so can cure some issues with the cameras so it may be worth a try)
That's true , and its faster than waiting for the battery to die lol.
Just tried it, no luck. Tried repairing after even. I just don't get any image. Everything looks ok physically. Are there any other wireless usb camera available? I don't want to get this one, and I have a feeling that EZ-robot is gonna take there time to accept my warranty claim.

USB Wireless Camera are really hard to find!