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Wireless Camera Focus Distance

For those of you using the wireless camera that came with the EZ-B kit, what's the typical focus range are you using? im guessing about 8-10 inch for color/face tracking, but anything else further gets blurry. It sure would be nice if it has auto focus.


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mmm.. yeah.. it will be nice.. but it will be to expensive...:)
Yes i figured it will be pricey. What distance are you using? wondering what DJ uses. Wanting to make final lense adjustment before closing up Wall-E eyes and move on with my build.
I always use our camera. If you focus the camera, I find it works well:)
Manual focus by turning the lense
DJ, i know about manual focus but what distance do you normally use? I can't keep adjusting because once its in Wall-E eye, i have a cover over it so I can't access the lense. If i focus something close up says 10 inch, then everything else is blurry, but if i focus further out, then something closer get blurry.
Louise there are auto focus kits out there for security cameras you could check out that auto focus the lense base on distance of object , I use to sell them at shieldselectronics.com
I usually focus for 3-5 feet
I will take that down in my handy dandy notebook!
Thank you:)

Josh...I'll check that out. Thanks