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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Wireless Camera Driver

Hi Everyone,

Right now I have a very old lappy which runs on Windows XP... So it can't install drivers on its own.. I need the driver of the wireless camera that comes with the EZ-kit.. Can any one guide me please...


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United Kingdom
It's the generic Windows USB video camera driver

Try this (it may not work as it's the Windows 7 driver but sometimes they do)
The file is in some unknown format...:(
@Rich , In the post No Support for Windows Vista, I have seen you mentioning some video problems for vista version, is it applicable to XP, please guide me with the same... If so, I'll install Windows 7...
United Kingdom
The video issues are just Vista, Windows XP has been reported to work OK.

The file is a driver, you don't run it. Extract it from the zip file and then use the extracted file as the driver for the camera. However, others have been successful without the file, why can't Windows install drivers on it's own? It usually can.
vista has a problem where it can't recognize zip files. some programs can open zip files on vista, most don't.

Vista can be weird Rich.
United Kingdom
Vista has native .zip support, as do all Microsoft OS's since Windows XP. No other programs are required, I advise my clients against installing such programs as WinZip and associating .zip files with WinRAR, 7Zip etc. as it complicates matters. The native zip support in Windows is good enough:)

Besides, pranav is using XP not Vista
I've upgraded my lappy to Windows 8, so the problem is solved... Thanx a lot for you valuable suggestions @Rich !