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Wireless Camera And Usb Dongle Pairing


This topic follows this one: http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/posts.aspx?threadId=2531, but i come with 1 (or 2) more precise questions:

- Is it possible that the wireless camera loose the pairing with the usb dongle (even if everything was fine before)?
- If yes, is there a way to redo the pairing but without the camera power button, as i have taken it away from the camera when i have connected it directly to the ezb *stress*

Thanks for your help.

PS: if it is not a good practice on the forum to create a new topic from a previous one, when the question changes, please tell me:)


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United Kingdom
As far as I have read and know the pairing shouldn't become unpaired, if it's previously been paired and working then pairing generally isn't the issue.
It really seems that i cannot connect to the webcam (the simple WebcamViewer software tell me that), that's why I think of a pairing issue.

@DJ, as stated in my first post, i have no more the camera power button. So, in the pairing process described in the diagnostic page, i can go to step 11) by using ARC and a "Set Digital", but i cannot perform step 12) "Press and release the camera button once more", without switching-off the camera... I think that's why I cannot complete the pairing process...