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Wired Usb Connection Please

I see for the Alan robot DJ was able to support a wired USB connection. Was this a hack for the effort or an new feature for the next EZ-B? If a hack can you share to community?


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Did you use a second camera then for Alan’s vision?

Also, from a power adapter standpoint you are not running on battery. I assume you have 7.5 V power supply connected instead.


Yes correct Alan is in a AC to DC power supply. The supply was 12v for the Dynamixel servos and then stepped the voltage down for logic, leds and other regular servos.

Yes the camera was connected to the computer for vision. I used a 1080p web cam that I hacked and placed in his forehead.


Hi Will, Have you tried to connect more then one EZB via USB at the same time to one computer? Sorry if this was already answered somewhere else.



I have. Each usb/ttl adapter shows up as a different com port.



Sorry Dave just saw this...Alan has answered this, but I personally have not tried connecting more than one per computer.


You can connect up to 255 ezbs to one computer via WiFi AND serial/uart usb - or combo of the two.

Windows will support 256 com ports - so 255 ezbs is the maximum


....i just got chills....he thats exciting to hear!