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Resolved Resolved by JustinRatliff!

Wire Up A Single Led

I wonder if I am doing something wrong. I just got my developers kit and want to hook up a single LED. I have powered on and connected to the kit. I then added a "Set Digital" control to the project. But when I connect to the LED to the corresponding pins they do not turn on.

I have wired the LED to a servo wire with the long wire connected to the white wire and the short wire collected to the black wire.

I looked at the LED datasheet and it said the Forward voltage is 2.1V and the forward current is 20ma.

Should I use different LEDs?



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With LEDs, remember they have a positive and negative end, so if you have it reversed it won't light up. Make sure you are interfacing the LED to the Signal line and Ground. If you connect the LED to the voltage+ the unregulated voltage from the EZB4 will likely kill your LED.

This is an older Thread where many points of connecting an LED were brought up:
Found the issue. First it looks like while I thought I had wired it up correct, I did not and had the wires reversed. And while looking at something else I did not notice I was not actually connected to the device when I was attempting to turn the LED on and off.:(

Thanks for the help!

That's great Matt. Did you get your digital control to turn the LED on and off as well?

Don't forget, when your requests for assistance threads are solved to mark them as such so the red ! will go away.
Apparently you need to add a comment when you make it as resolved. :) I thought I had marked it resolved last night.

Yes the LED did turn on correctly. I also found that I did not solder a few of the connections as well as I had thought. Well more work tonight!

Thank you again,

You are welcome Matt. I hope you keep learning and enjoying the developer kit. Keep asking questions as they come up too, we all love to help.
Note: if you want to adjust the brightness of hte LED, you can use a PWM control or script commands instead of a digital on/off. Technically, it very quickly flashes the LED on and off, not actually deliver lower voltage, but the effect to a viewer is dimming or brightening as you take PWM up and down (you can tell it is actually flashing very fast at full brightness and changing the on/off cycle if you view it through a digital camera. EZ-B, phone, or other).

Thanks for posting this on the day I was getting on the forum to find this exact info!