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Night Vision Camera

I'm trying to modify a Roli for doing inspections under computer flooring and am seeking advice on lighting. I have ordered some Cree XM-l2 LEDs and the optics to go on them, but when I connected them up on the Roli, they aren't providing anywhere near enough light to use the camera for steering. I've thought about switching to an integrated IR LED...

Led Headlight Info Request

After doing some further digging into the light issue in my earlier post "Night Vision Camera", I found out that my LEDs need an LED driver to give me the light I need. My original intent was connecting the each LED to the E-Zb via the black and the white pins on two ports so that I would get power to both headlight assemblies. The LED driver is...

Ez-B And Camera Resolution

Just out of curiosity, can the video input on the EZ-B handle higher resolutions than 640X480? With so many miniature HD webcams available, I was wondering if one could be adapted (provided the cabling is compatible).

Roli Stl File

I'm working on an idea for a robot based on the Roli, but I need to change some of the dimensions to make it lower and wider. I went to the resources page, but there doesn't seem to be a download link for the Roli. Are these files available?

Logitech F710 Questions

I've got my Roli up and have bought an F710 wireless controller with an eye toward using the joysticks for 2-3 different control scenarios. I've connected the controller, set it on D Input and Windows is seeing it fine. I'm using a modified Roli plan and added a joystick as shown in DJ's tutorial video. As I understand it, Joystick one should...
Roli Rolling To The Left

Roli Rolling To The Left

I got my new Roli up and running Sunday, but after a bit, when driving forward it began pulling left and seemed somewhat slower. In reverse, it goes straight and is...
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