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Microsoft has left out some important dependencies with their .net compact framework, which prevented us from porting the app over. With windows 10, we are hoping that will be resolved. If so, we will do a windows phone release for windows 10. If they don't expand on the framework, there is nothing more we can do.

May not be a great answer for you to hear:)


Hey thanks for the reply on this DJ ..... Its about time for a new phone anyway:)


Hehe, yeah - we really wanted to support Microsoft Phone :) .. We'll see what the Windows 10 release is like.


Windows phone is not supported. There are no plans on supporting windows phone in the future.


@brucesallen... to be honest I don't know anyone who owns a windows phone... Where I live it's either android or iOS. I am not even sure where I could even buy one...


I recently bought a high end one from AT&T. Upgraded from Windows 8 phone. True, very litle market penetration-- until the much awaited Tablet comes out.